A platform to Raise Awareness; Shift Paradigms; Ignite Change; Inspire Creativity, Wellness & Conscious Leadership for a better life on Earth for all! 

Awareness Anthology is a collection of all that I believe. All that helps me grow. All that brings me consciousness and joy. All that expands my awareness of my inner world and of our world.

Our mission is to inspire through knowledge those who believe in becoming a better person everyday. Here I share cutting-edge technologies & innovative solutions to global challenges; insightful tools & ideas to spark your right brain; and dare your left brain.

Enjoy! Get inspired! Be awaken! Wish for more! Believe you can! Do more! Love more! Live more! 

Join in the fun! Be a part of the change! Share! 
Together we can raise global consciousness & create a better inner and outer world for all of us!