Diana Nyad: Find a Way - Ted Talks

Do you have a dream that is so strong in your heart but you can't find the strength to go after it?

Then you MUST watch this inspiring video by Diana Nyad. A 64 year old woman who became the first person to swim from Cuba to Florida, 100 miles... And yes! ...at the age of 64, she finally achieved her lifetime goal as an athlete.

Her advice:
  • It is never too late to go for your dreams!
  • Never, ever give up!
  • Enjoy the journey and be proud of the preparation!
  • Believe in your dream and reach for your horizon!

An inspiring and encouraging video, a reminder to all of us that ANYTHING is possible!

I wish this new year brings you the courage to keep reaching for your dreams, to never give up and to keep believing in yourself, and if you think you can't.... just find a way anyway.

Happy Holidays!

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