Debbie Ford & The Shadow Effect

Wow... just got another one of those weird "coincidences" or for those that understands...just got another synchronicity thing happening to me today! 

Yesterday I was watching Marianne Williamson on Super Soul Sunday on YouTube... and started researching her books. Decided to put The Shadow Effect on my wishlist, thinking that maybe someday I will read that book. 

Today I see a post on Facebook that Debbie Ford had passed. Well, I decided to Google who she was because I didn't know much about her. When I suddenly realized she also wrote The Shadow Effect!!! Wow, I guess that means I do need to read that book, huh? It always amazes me when these synchronicities happens.

Well, I also discovered there is a movie for the book as well! Check out the trailer and don't miss the last video, the interactive edition preview!

Preview The Shadow Effect Special Interactive Edition

I look forward to watching the movie and to read the book! Maybe this is the missing link for all of the spiritual teachings I have learned! Join me and post your comments on your experience with your shadow work! 

Thank you Debbie Ford for all your work. May your soul be with light, peace and love! Here is a beautiful message her sister posted today: