Thinking "outside of the box"

Today I watched a short movie that I would like to share with you!
The reason I wanna share it is not because it just won the 2008 TropFest - Film Festival in NY, nor because it has a beautiful soundtrack, nor because it has a great message!

But because at times like this... when we face a recession and all you see is negative messages on tv, from your friends and everywhere around you...
I want to give you a different message: This is what I call thinking "outside of the box"!

Specially now we need to learn more than ever to get "out of our confort zones", to think "outside of the box", to shift your old thinking and unleash your creativity!

This movie you are about to see was done with a $30 budget, shot from a cell phone and this same movie won a film festival!

Now let's analyze: You want to be a film maker, but you have no money, no camera and no crew, so what do you do? Most people will do nothing! But this guy decide to do it anyway, despite any obstacles! This is a great example of how excuses are just that: excuses! So wipe that word out of your vocabulary and go make something great out of this recession!

If you are unemployed, make a list of all the possible talents you have and go use your creativity to make money with one or all of those talents!

If you have a dream but think you need money to achieve it: use your creativity and make a list of all the people that could help you by investing on your dream!

I hope this movie can inspire you and open your mind to many possibilities! Enjoy!