Licensed to Shine

Wow, I guess today is the day I am back…

So, I woke up with the alarm and simply felt excited about getting up and starting my day! But why?

Well, I have a couple of theories, maybe 3:

1. I was just in need to go to the bathroom and pee, which made me jump out of bed faster. LOL

2. I only slept for only 4 hours, from 8am to 12noon, which allowed me to have quality sleep but didn’t get me groggy in the morning after 8 or 9 hours which is what I usually do.

3. I actually allowed myself to be. I allowed myself to be me. I allowed myself to shine my gift into the world.

So, let's expand a little bit on the 3rd theory since it is likely this one the reason why I am actually sitting here and writing right now! Well, nonetheless, despite the fact that this is the real reason I got out of bed or not, this is a miracle! I am actually here writing my blog!? After what, over 4 years since my last post about my Lunch with the Dalai Lama.

Now the question is, how did this happen?!

Could it be the book I am "reading", or listening to, from Mel Robbins, The 5 Second Rule? Which by the way, it is truly one of my favorite Audible audiobooks thus far! I just love how she talks to you instead of just reads the words on the paper. And of course, the information is awesomely life changing. I have been recommending it to all my friends, so I guess now I might as well recommend it on my blog too. "My blog", oh my God, it is even strange to hear myself say or type these words. Anyway, back to the theory of why I am actually here typing less than one hour after I woke up…

The truth is I have been consuming personal development material my entire life, and I simply can't get enough of it. I truly love it! I love the idea of growth, evolving, learning and becoming a better version of me. Yesterday in the shower I was remembering how my favorite scenes in movies or cartoons were always those scenes in which they speed up the time and fixed up a room or transformed something or someone for the better in a super-fast way, I don't know how they call those scenes, I am sure there is a technical name for it. (If any movie industry person reading this knows, please share it in the comments.)

And so, admitting that I could have possibly become "an expert" on the subject of Self Mastery is an audacious task. Admitting that I have so much content/wisdom/knowledge accumulated inside of me and that it is my duty, my mission and my purpose to share it with the world in a major way have been an ongoing challenge. As I like to say, "I am a photographer, I like to be behind the cameras". Well, you know what I can't hide anymore. I realized, or maybe, I prefer to tell myself this new "story":

"It is not fair to hide my talents from the world. I am not being fair to myself, to the people around me or to the Universe/God/The Creator of all things and the creator of me. See, if I am unique, because I truly am, and every single one of us and every single thing created by nature is also unique, because there is really nothing identical to who we are (considering we are in 2018 and so far cloning people is not legal. Sigh… yet! 😕), well then, if I am unique, obviously what I share, create, do, speak is also unique and have never been shared, created, done or told by anyone else before. Because it came from "little unique me"! Even if I am saying something that is not new, it is still coming from my viewpoint, my perspective and my syntax of whatever subject or experience or teaching I have previously learned by someone else.

Therefore, today I say:

No, I will not simply assume nobody wants to hear me.
No, I will not assume I am not interesting.
No, I will not assume I don't need to contribute to the world because there are already enough gurus, teachers, speakers, writers, bloggers and thought leaders in the world.
No, I will no longer hide behind my fears of being judged, being mocked and being bullied by internet trolls.
No, I will not hide my light from the world anymore.
I am giving myself permission. I am giving myself a license to shine!

Wow, I guess I got a little cheesy or carried away up there, but you know what, why not!? This is me, this is how I have organically been, I have always been a counselor to my friends and family since I was 6 or 7 years old, I have always been a cheerleader and motivator to everyone around me, and I have always been obsessed with self-discovery, self-mastery, and growth. So yes, it's been overdue to come out and say it, and admit this to me. So… it is finally done, written and recorded in this public post. 🙈

Now, let's backtrack to my theory on what was the main trigger that actually got me to be sitting here today and actually gives me the extra push, that little extra millimeter push to tip me over into my empowered self…

Now, guys, this trigger is so simple, so silly when you think about it, but it is sooooooo important in so many ways, and that is why I wanted to share it. I will call it "External Permission". See last night I talked on the phone with a friend of mine, this is someone that in a way has always been a positive person overall and has always told me nice things, but last night while we were talking about another person he knows and would like to introduce me, a woman who is the host of a new Netflix show, he said: "I think you guys should meet, because I think you girls have a lot in common. I see you as a powerhouse, an entrepreneur and someone who could change the world and impact the lives of millions of people." "Wow", I said. "Really, you think this of me? Thank you." And that was it guys, the last push, the trigger, that little validation from an outside source.

It might sound silly, and I am not going to lie, this is definitely not the first time I heard something along those lines, but the truth is, we never know when we are at the edge, at the tipping point, ready to come into our true and authentic selves, that place of true self-acceptance, that place of fearlessness, that place of "this is it!", that place of "enough is enough", that place of "I really am ready, really!"

And so my point is, that moment where my friend shared with me his thoughts and views about me wasn’t about encouraging me or pumping me up, his words were genuine and had no agenda or goal, he simply shared how he sees me in the world. And something as simple as that can trigger someone to step into their own personal power. See, he was in a way, giving me what I call, a "license to shine", because the truth is, a lot of us, for whatever reason, need that sometimes. And for that, I am grateful for him and for the people around me that sometimes see what I can't see about me, and that is what I would like to encourage all of you out there reading or listening to this to do.

A few little genuine words shared with someone about whatever good you see in them could be life-changing. It could be as extreme as saving a life and as little as adding an extra drop of encouragement to someone's cup. Last night my friend added that extra drop and that made my cup finally overflow. And here I am today, writing this blog post and sharing me with the world once again. 😊 

Love & clarity,

Daniela Goulart