Self-Love: How do you see yourself? Is it an accurate view?

Are you being too hard on yourself? Self-love is one of the main reasons why we do what we do. Self-love or lack thereof can be a defining factor in where you are in your life! Depending on how much you love and believe in yourself will determine the things you accept in your life... relationships, career, jobs, health and finances!

Take a look at this very interesting video from Dove. It is part of their campaign Real Beauty Sketches!

Hopefully after this video, you will realize there is a lot of self-love needed to be practiced! Can you look at yourself in the mirror and say to yourself: "I love you!"???

Try it! It is one of the most powerful exercises to develop self-love! (Warning: it is hard and awkward, but with practice, patience and consistency... anything becomes possible, and you can soon fall in love with yourself)

Want to see your life change? Love yourself more than you have ever loved anyone else!

Love and Light to all,